Time for Wine at Clamber Hill, the 2013 Wine Tasting Events
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Italian Cuisine


Insalada di Funghi

Shrimp, Fried Garlic & Baked Tomato or
Farsumagru, Sicilian Stuffed Beef Roll

Zuccotto or
White Chocolate Tiramisu
Clamber Hill
111 N. Main St
Petersham, MA 01366
Clamber Hill Inn & Restaurant

Join us to have fun learning about wines @ Clamber Hill!
Reserve early, as space is limited to 20 guests per event

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Clamber Hill Presents: "Time for Wine"
Fun & Educational Wine Tasting Evenings in the Library
Download our latest schedule here.

Come learn about the world of wine in the
elegant yet relaxed setting of the Clamber Hill Library.  
This is a great opportunity to meet other wine lovers,
exchange information and expand your repertoire by discovering new wines.
Remember a good wine is one which you enjoy!  

In addition to tasting the wines, learn interesting facts about
the grape varietals, the wine making techniques, the wine regions
and information on where to purchase them locally.  

The price for attending an individual event is $25 pp.
All tastings start at 7 pm

Cheese & bread, appetizers and a dessert will be served with each tasting selected
to pair well with the wines being served that evening.

2014 Wine Club Memberships now available!
Attend up to 5 wine tastings in 2014 and receive a 10% discount
on all wine purchases at the restaurant for $100.  

Just like with our restaurant, reservations are required.
We need a minimum of 6 attendees and the maximum is 20.
Please reserve your spot by calling 978-724-8800 or
e-mail to relax@clamberhill.com

Discounts on overnight stays on wine tasting evenings.  Please inquire.

Also:  Private Wine Tastings or even Wine Pairing Dinners
may be arranged for groups of 6 to 10.
For our tastings, you pick the topic, we'll select the wines!
For our dinners, you pick the menu, we'll pair the wines!
111 N. Main St.
Petersham MA 01366
Time for Wine
At Clamber Hill