Laurie Pearson is a local artist living in Phillipston, MA.
Laurie specializes in hand crafted beaded jewelry made
from semi-precious stone, glass, wood,
bone, shell, and metal.
Her jewelry ranges from the classic to the exotic.

Clamber Hill is proud to feature
Pearson's Pagoda
limited edition jewelry at our Inn.
We have an exclusive display case
with many different unique necklaces, bracelets
and earrings from which to choose,
sold separately or as sets.

Many of our guests enjoy finding a unique local gift to take home with them.
And if you live in the area, feel free to shop any time--just call ahead to make sure we're here.

Laurie welcomes custom orders (for weddings, gifts, or just a little something
to go with that new outfit), repairs, and alterations. She can be reached at 978-939-4098.
You can also see more of Laurie's work on her website:
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Jewelry from Pearson's Pagoda on sale at Clamber Hill